Grow Vanilla has been in the natural vanilla business for more than 30 years. We use the best varieties from around the world to import the best vanilla pods, processing them and packing them with great care to make sure our clients all around the world get the best vanilla products possible.

Vanilla is and always has been the most popular flavour in the world. We offer the widest range of 100% natural vanilla products, designed in a traditional fashion and manufactured using the most up to date methods.

Pods, powders, extracts, flavours, concentrates….Discover vanilla in all its shapes and forms to find the right ingredient for you !

Vanilla Pods Cultivation

Our Organic method Vanilla pods don’t just come off the vine black and shiny with distinct flavour and aroma. They start out green with very little fragrance requiring to be transformed through a labour-intensive process to bring out their unique properties. The process of hand-pollinating each individual flower, harvesting the mature pods, and undertaking a four-stage curing operation of Organic Vanilla Pods Cultivation.

Vanilla Pods Cultivation stages

The company specialises in natural vanilla from cultivation to distribution. We have 6000 customers in Sri Lanka and 150 distributors worldwide.

Vanilla Flower Pollination

Climate and Soil

Vanilla Pod Harvesting

Vanilla Pod Curing

Our Organic Method of Vanilla Pods Cultivation

We frequently airfreight new stock into our distribution office and guarantee that our vanilla is fresh and fragrant. We can source some of the finest vanilla pods with dark oily textures and strong vanilla fragrances through our long association with the agricultural industry. We offer a selection of the finest quality organic vanilla products through our online store. We have experience in sending vanilla pods all around the world and are able to quickly fill all domestic and commercial orders.

Cultivated in an organic manner without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Purchased following principles and practices prescribed by the Fairtrade organization.

Vanilla orchids are grown without any form of genetic modification to the plant genes.